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Recent Presentations (2014-)


[20-2] "Flux Rope Dynamics Associated with Solar Eruption".  Satoshi Inoue, The 17th Asia

            Oceania Geoscience  Society (AOGS) Annual Meeting, Hongcheon, Korea, 2020 June 28th- July 4th  

            (Invited) (E)(Meeting was cancelled.)

[20-3] "A Data-Constrained  Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling of Solar Eruptions" Satoshi Inoue, 5th Asia

             Pacific Solar Physics Meeting, Pune, India 2020 February 3rd-7th  (Invited) (E)

[20-4] "活動領域12673は2017年9月6日以前に大規模フレアを発生させることは可能であったか?"

​         井上 諭、山崎 大輝  地球電磁気・地球惑星圏学会 R010-08 オンライン 2020年11月1-4日 (J)


[19-1]"太陽フレアからコロナ質量放出に至る太陽嵐の多階層シミュレーションの展望" 井上 諭 太陽地球環境予測

         のためのモデル研究の展望 名古屋大学、名古屋 2019年12月26日-27日(口頭) (J) 

[19-2]"太陽フレアを発生させる地場構造とそのダイナミクス" 井上 諭、サブストームトリガー機構のトポロジー

         研究会、極地研究所、東京 2019年9月27日 (口頭)(J) 

[19-3]"太陽フレアからコロナ質量放出に至る太陽嵐の多スケールシミュレーション"井上 諭、「京」から「富岳」

         へ:大規模シミュレーションが拓く惑星科学の未来、東京大学駒場キャンパス、東京、 2019年9月9日 


[19-4] "An MHD Modeling of Initiation and Dynamics of the X9.3 Flare Observed in AR12673" Satoshi Inoue

   & Yumi Bamba, Hinode-13/IPELS 2019, University of Tokyo, Tokyo Japan, 2019 September 2nd-6th   

   (talk) (E)

[19-5] "Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation of an Erupting Magnetic Flux Rope on February 13 2009: Journey

    to Coronal Mass EjectionSatoshi Inoue & Antonia Savcheva  Japan Geoscience Union (JPGU) 2019 

           Makuhari, Japan,  2019 May 20-24 (Poster) (E)

[19-6]"太陽フレア-CMEモデルの取り組みと予測への展望"​ 井上 諭 太陽地球環境予測のためのモデル研究の

         展望 情報通信研究機構 2019年1月16日-17日(口頭) (J) 


[18-1] "An Origin and Evolution of Solar Eruptive Flux Ropes" S. Inoue, K. Kusano, T. Matsumoto, M. M.

          Woods, D. Shiota, Y. Bamba, & T. Miyoshi AGU Fall Meeting, Washington D. C., U.S.,  December 10-14

          (Oral) (E)


[18-2] "太陽磁気フラックスロープの放出と磁気リコネクション"​井上 諭 宇治リコネクションワークショップ

         2018 名古屋大学 2018年11月28日 (招待講演) (J)

[18-3] "サイクル24最大の太陽フレアに伴う宇宙擾乱:II.太陽磁場噴出の電磁流体力学シミュレーション"

​        井上 諭、塩田 大幸、伴場 由美  地球電磁気・地球惑星圏学会 名古屋大学 2018年11月23-27日 (J)

[18-4] "Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation of the Solar Active Region 12678 and Eruption Accompanied with 

           a Great Solar Flare" S. Inoue, Y. Bamba, D. Shiota,  & S. H. Park  Japan Geoscience Union (JPGU) 2018

           Makuhari, Japan,  2018 May 20-24 (Poster) (E)

[18-5] "Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling of a Solar Eruptive Flux Tube" S. Inoue, K. Kusano, T. Matsumoto,

           J. Büchner, & J. Skala  Japan Geoscience Union (JPGU) 2018 Makuhari, Japan,  2018 May 

           20-24 (Invited) (E)

[18-6] "活動領域12673の電磁流体力学モデリング"​ 井上 諭, Park Sung-Hong  太陽地球環境予測のための

         モデル研究の展望 名古屋大学 2017年2月26日-27日 (J) (招待講演)

[18-7] "EUVST時代のコロナ磁場モデリングと系の不安定性評価" 井上 諭 太陽研連シンポジウム 京都大学 

            2017年2月19日-21日 (J) (招待講演)


[17-1]  "太陽磁気フラックスチューブの3次元構造・安定性その非線形dynamics" 井上 諭 STEシミュレーション

           研究会 神戸大学 2017年9月6日-8日 (J)

[17-2]  "Nonlinear Dynamics of an Eruptive Flux Tube" S. Inoue, The 14th Asia Oceania Geoscience  Society

           (AOGS) Anual Meeting, Singerpore, 2017 August 6-11 (Invited) (E)

[17-3] "Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling of the Solar Eruption on 2011 February 13" S. Inoue, PSTEP-2, Kyoto

           2017 March 23-24 (talk) (E)


[17-4] "太陽活動領域の3次元磁場モデルの課題と展望"​ 井上 諭 太陽地球環境予測のためのモデルの展望

          名古屋大学 2017年1月26日-27日 (招待講演) (J)


[16-1] "Onset and Nonlinear Dynamics of the Solar Eruption" S. Inoue, 17th MHD Days, Göttingen Germany,

           2016 November 30-December 2 (Poster) 

[16-2] "Formation and Dynamics of the CME Flux Tube During the Solar Eruption" S. Inoue, K. Kusano, &

           J. Büchner,  Global Modeling of the Space Weather Chain, Espoo, Finland, 2016 October 24-28(talk) 

[16-3] "Onset Process of an X2.2-Class Solar Flare on 2011 February 15" S. Inoue & Y. Bamba, Hinode 10, 

              Nagoya Japan, 2016 September  (Poster)


[16-4] "Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation of Solar Eruption on 2011 February 13" S. Inoue & K. Kusano,

           Hinode 10, Nagoya Japan, 2016 September  (talk)

[16-5] "Magnetic Reconnection in a Solar Eruption", S. Inoue & B. Büchner, 41th Scientific Assembly 2016,

          Istanbul Turkey, 2016 July 31 (withdraw)


[16-6] "An MHD Modeling for the Onset and Dynamics of Solar Eruptions", S. Inoue & K. Kusano, First

           VarSITI General Symposium, Bulgaria, 2016, Jun 10 (Invited)


[15-1] “Study on Flare Onset Based on Photo./Chromo. B Observation”, S. Inoue, Solar-C Meeting, Queens

          University Belfast U.K, 2015 September 18 (Invited)


[14-1] “MHD Simulation of the X2.2 Solar Flare and Formation of the Large Twisted Flux Rope on 2011 

          February 15”, S. Inoue, K. Hayashi, & G. S. Choe, The 6th EAST-ASIAN NUMERICAL 

         ASTROPHYSICS MEETING, SUWON KOREA, September 15-19 (talk)


[14-2] “Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation of the X2.2 Solar Flare on February 15 2011”  S. Inoue,

           K. Hayashi, & G. S. Choe, 14th Europe Solar Physics Meeting, Dublin Ireland, 2014 September 

           8-12 (talk) 


[14-3] “Nonlinear Force-Free Modeling of the Coronal Magnetic Field Producing the Large Solar Flare”,  

           S. Inoue & J. H. Kang, 12th Asia-Pacific Regional IAU Meeting 2014, DaeJong Korea, July 18-22



[14-4] “Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling of the Solar Flare Based on the Photospheric Magnetic Field”,

           S. Inoue, K. Hayashi, & G. S. Choe, 12th Asia-Pacific Regional IAU Meeting 2014, Daejong Korea, 

           July 18-22 (talk)


[14-5] “MHD Modeling of the X2.2 Solar Flare on 2011 February 15”, S. Inoue, K. Hayashi, & G. S.

           Choe, Solar and Stellar Flares, Plague Czech Republic, 2014 Jun 23-27 (talk)

[14-6] “Numerical Modeling of the Three-Dimensional Magnetic Fields and Eruption in the Solar Active 

           Region 11158”, Satoshi Inoue, Japan Geoscience Union Meeting 2014, Yokohama Japan, 2014 

           April 28 - May 2 (Invited)


[14-7] “Numerical Modeling of the Coronal Magnetic Fields and Solar Flare Based on the Observational

           Data”, S. Inoue, K. Hayashi, & G.S.Choe, Korea Space Science Society, Buyeo Korea, 2014 April 

           24-25 (Invited)

Seminar at not home institute

[1]   "Local Magnetic Disruption-led Successive X-Class Solar Flares", New Jersey Institute of Technology,

       U.S. 2018 November 18 (E)

[2]  "2017年9月に発生したX9.3フレアの磁気流体力学シミュレーション"​, 愛媛大学 宇宙進化研究談話会 

      2017年3月18日 (J)

[3]   "Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling of Solar Erupting Flux Ropes"​, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for

       Astrophysics, Boston, U.S. 2018 December (E)

[4]   "Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling of Solar Erupting Flux Ropes ", New Jersey Institute of Technology,

        U.S. 2018 November 18 (E)

[5]  "太陽コロナにおける磁気フラックスチューブの形成とその非線形ダイナミクス", 愛媛大学 宇宙進化研究談話

       会 2017年3月9日 (J)


[6]  "Onset and Nonlinear Dynamics of the Solar Eruption", University of Graz, Austria, 2016 December 15


[7]  "Onset and Dynamics of the Eruptive Flux Tube", Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL), UK,

       2016 December 6 (E)

[8]  "Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) Modeling of the Solar Eruption", Technische Universität Braunschweig,

       Germany, 2016 November 15 (E)

[9]  "Nonlinear Force-Free Field Extrapolation and its recent applications", Institute for Space-Earth

       Environmental Labratory, Nagoya University, Japan, 2016, Sept. 20 (E)

[10]  "A Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation of a Solar Eruption on 2011 February 13", University of Potsdam,

        Potsdam, Germany, 2016 March 20 (E)


[11]  “Simulation Study on Flare Onset Based on Photospheric Magnetic Field”, Max-Planck Institute for

       Solar System Research, Göttingen Germany, 2015 December 2 (E)

[12]  “Magnetohydrodynamic Simlation of the X2.2 Solar Flare on 2011 February 15”, ISAS/JAXA 

        Satamihara Japan,  Hinode Seminar, 2015 March 6 (E)

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